Upgraded members are members that have paid money to recieve CC Credits, which can then be used in the CC store to purchase upgrades for their profile, and various games. While all games are playable without an upgrade, the upgrades provide an enhanced experince, giving the user much more freedom.

Costs for upgrading Edit

  • For $5
500 CCs - Enough to buy 2 months of the Minions upgrade.
  • For $10
1100 CCs - 100 extra CCs
  • For $15
1700 CCs - 200 extra CCs

Game Upgrades Edit

  • Minions
Host 12 player games
Mirror mode
Pro connection
Cutter and Dash minions are available
Costs 225 CCs
Extra options to be made available on completion of MPDTD 1.9, and release of the DTD upgrade pack

Site Upgrades Edit

  • Gold Membership
Removes adverts, and shortens CC logo on load screens, speeds up entry to games, and allows users to create and use their own signature on the forums.
  • 1 More Group
Allows the user to create one extra group.
  • Gifts
There are a wide variety of gifts you can buy for friends, ranging in cost form 25 CCs to 100 CCs.