General Edit

Groups are what is known as "Mini-Clans" in Desktop Tower Defence, Buggle, and Desktop Armada. Groups can vary from Food-oriented groups to Website-oriented Groups.

Casual Collective Groups Edit

The Casual Collective has an offical Groups part of the website. Free-Members can join up to 5 of these groups and can create 2. Paying Members can join up to 10 groups and make 10. Country groups do not count as a group. The Casual Collective also allows Upgraded members create groups with Passwords, so those who don't know the Passwords cannot see the Groups News or Shoutbox, or even Join the group. The largest group is beta testers, which has over 4000. All the memberrs were part of the original beta, and had a free upgrade which has now expired. There are also country groups, which do not count towards the group limit.

Group Features Edit

There are several things that members can do in groups, and some that only the "group administrator" can do.

News Edit

The group administrator(s) can post news, then edit or delete them. The news box only shows the five most recent items.

Shouts Edit

Much like a long-term chatroom, any member can post shouts. However, once it is posted, you cannot edit or delete a shout. Only the most recent twenty shouts will be shown.

Leaderboards Edit

In the leaderboards, the third column allows you to choose who you want to be compared to, including your other group members. It can compare scores for all games, single player and multiplayer.

Editing Members Edit

A group administrator can remove people from a group, and make members group administrators.

Hand Drawn Games Groups Edit

Hand Drawn Games has a more simple Group system where whenever you finish a game in Single Player DTD, you can submit your score to literally any group. You can even submit it to groups that dont exist, and the group will then be made. The Hand Drawn Groups are nothing more than a Leaderboard of submitted scores to the group, and aren't as interactive as the Casual Collective's.