Desktop Armada Missions (DAM) is a single-player Desktop Armada game on Casual Collective. It involves a player completing various different missions with different aims and goals to try and score the highest possible score on the leaderboards.

Missions Edit

There are 2 difficulties of missions, Training and Medium.

Training Edit

Training 1 Edit

  • Title: Hide and Seek
  • Scenario: In this training scenario the enemy is trying to scout out your defenses and find your base. You must build your own Patrol Boats to intercept them. Do not let them find you base!
  • Ships: Patrol Boats
  • Starting Money: 100 gold
  • Starting Income: 5 gold
  • Fog of War: No

Training 2 Edit

  • Title: Destroyer Dispute
  • Scenario: In this training scenario the enemy will try to attack your base with Destroyers. Patrol Boats on their own will not be enough to stop them so you must build your own Destroyers
  • Ships: Patrol Boats, Destroyers
  • Starting Money: 200 gold
  • Starting Income: 10 gold
  • Fog of War: No
  • Training 3

Death from Above

  • Training 4

Hide and Seek II

  • Training 5

Route One

  • Training 6

The Point of Income

Medium Edit

  • Medium 1

Patrol Boat Rush

  • Medium 2

Missile Boat Challenge

  • Medium 3

Full Frontal


Missions have yet to be released for this difficulty setting, but Grr and Critters have hinted at a future release, which would seem to be confirmed by the fact that you cannot currently get the gold award for missions completed, for lack of missions.