General Edit

Desktop Armada is a multilayer game on the Casual Collective. It is a 2 player game in which the object is to destroy the opponents base by building ships to attack it. In addition, every 70 seconds or so, reinforcements come. The reinforcements contain 2 destroyers and a missile boat, all not upgraded (even if you have). There are two main modes:

  • Normal: Your ships are the normal stats.
  • Admirals: You can choose from one of 4 admirals; Upgraded Only
* Normal: Your ships have the normal stats.
* Strong: Large Defense and more costly.
* Engineer: Cheap upgrade prices, ships build faster.
* Scout: Faster ship than normal, also has an extended range.

The following options are available:

  • No Points: this game does not count towards your points. Every multi-player game has this mode.
  • No Reinforcements: you do not get any reinforcements

Game play Edit

Ships Edit

There are 4 ships

  • Patrol boat
* Low hp, attack, and range but can move quickly and deadly in numbers
* Used in the pb spam.
* Countered by missile boats
* Counters battleships
* 2 upgrade levels
  • Destroyer
* All around ship
* No true counter, but battleship or pb spam is best
* Gain 2 every time reinforcements come
* 2 upgrade levels
  • Missile boat
* High area attack, slow, long range
* Used in missile boat spam
* Counters patrol boats and battleships
* You gain one every reinforcement
* 3 upgrade levels
  • Battleship
* High attack, hp, and attack speed of a destroyer decent range and low speed
* Counters missile boats
* Impossible to spam
* Unable to attack patrol boats
* Countered by patrol boats (it can't attack them)
* 4 upgrade levels

Upgrades Edit

These upgrades are for normal games (not Admiral):

        |Patrol Boat|  Destroyer  |  Missile Boat  |    Battleship
Strength| 16-28-52  |  53-66-80   | 53-80-106-186  |  125-225-400-700
Armor   |125-175-250|750-1250-2000|400-500-750-1000|3000-3500-4000-7000
Speed   |   5-6-7   |   3-3.5-4   |   3-3.5-4-4    |   2-2.4-2.8-3.2
Range   | 35-39-43  |  45-45-50   |  70-80-90-110  |    60-70-80-90

The stats separated with dashes indicate upgrade level. 40-60-80 would mean 40 non-upgraded, 60 upgraded once, and 80 upgraded twice. Missle boat and battleship have 3 upgrades.

Gold Edit

You gain more gold all the time as the income steadily goes up. It is also increased by:

  • value of your ships
  • distance of any ship to enemy base

Awards Edit

There are four awards:

  • First Blood Award: first one to do damage gets this award.
  • Scientist Award: the player who spends the most on research wins this award.
  • Money Bags Award: the player with the most income at any time gets this one.
  • Super Constructor: the one who launches the most ships wins this award.