Desktop Tower Defense is designed by Critters and Grrr on the well known casual gaming website Casual Collective. In this new version of the game, there are new creeps, changed towers, new mods and new features and a whole new interface.

Instead of a separate game for multiplayer, this time round, DTD 1.9 has a the multiplayer lobby inbuilt into the game. In addition, it has 12 levels of play to test and challenge your skills.

So sit back, enjoy and play it on Casual Collective!



There are a multitude of different creeps in this new version, but of course some haven't changed one bit!



A normal creep, is well, normal. They exhibit no special traits and characteristics and are just simply as simple a creep as you can have. As long as you don't use boost or swarm towers to tackle these, you should have no problem.



The Immune creep is just like a normal creep. However, unlike normal creeps, these creeps are not immune to frost towers. You cannot slow down these creeps so make sure you have a maze that is ready to combat these creeps. Sufficient amounts of pellets, squirts or dart towers will be able to tackle these minor menaces. Juggling these also makes tackling them easier, but are small fry as compared to other creeps.



The Group creeps are creeps that stick together, hoping that safety in numbers help them. Wrong! To tackle these creeps, use a splash tower like Ink or Dart, or make sure every hit you make on them kills them. Despite their large numbers, they are weaker as a single unit and hence are easier to take out. They can be slowed as well. Bash towers also work very effectively against these silly creeps. Essentially, take them out fast and quickly. Juggling may help you a bit, but ultimately splash is what will help you.