General Edit

A creep is an enemy in a Tower Defense game (such as FETD, DTD, and FETD2) whose goal is to get from the starting point to the finish. In FETD, the creeps go through a pre-built maze, where you have to build towers along side the path to kill the creeps. In DTD, there is no maze, and you create the maze by building towers. This method is referred to as "mazing". In FETD2, the object of the creeps is to go to one end of the pre-built maze, take an "element", and return to the start point and survive your towers.

In some TDs Creeps have special abilities.

Abilities Edit

Creep Abilities in DTD Edit

In DTD you will have to face the following Creeps:

  • Normal: Creeps, with no special abilities
  • Fast: Creeps, which are 50% faster
  • Immune: Creeps, which are immune to the Frost Tower
  • Group: Creeps, which are coming into your maze as a group instead of a line
  • Flying: Creeps, which are moving straight over the field, ignoring your maze.
  • Spawn: Creeps, which are spawning 2 creeps when they get killed.
  • Dark: Creeps, which are armoured and slow
  • Morph: Creeps, which are switching between the abilities normal, fast, immune and dark

Creep Abilities in FETD Edit

  • Normal: Creeps, with no special abilities
  • Fast: Creeps, which have lower health and are moving faster
  • Immune: Creeps, which are immune to the effect of the Water Tower
  • Flying: Creeps, that can't be hit by Cannon Towers and Earth Towers

Note: Creeps in FETD can have more than one ability at the same time!

Creep Abilities in FETD 2 Edit

  • Normal - nothing special
  • Fast - moving faster, splash is less efficient
  • Group - moving together in a group
  • Shifting - turn invisible every now and then, so your towers cannot see them, but snipers can see them all the time.
  • Armoured - take less damage from towers.The one boss wave of these has 5 bosses(it is the final wave), splash is more effective, they're slower.
  • Resistor - burn and slow are less effective
  • Healing - heal themselves over time when not hit for a few seconds(AND QUICKLY!), snipers are least efficient due to the fact they have a low rate of fire