Buggle is a 2-4 player game in which players try to capture all "Buggles" by placing a marker. There are two times where you place separate markers. However, all opponents place their marker at the same time, and cannot see anybody else's until all opponents have placed their marker. At the end of each round, the amount of Buggles are added to your total score. At the end of the ten rounds, the player with the most points wins. Buggle is a much more relaxing game than the others on the collective, yet some view it as childish. It is the only multiplayer game to have it's own individual sound and sfx controls, as MPDTD and DA share sound effects.

Game Modes

  • SuperBuggles: there are now (in addition to regular) grey and yellow Buggles. Grey takes away from your score, and yellow adds to it. This game mode is now upgraded members only.
  • No Points: No points are won or lost at the end of the round.